Creating Custom Closets from Unused Space

Chicagoland Home Products loves making the most of unused space — converting something without a purpose into a creative custom storage solution.

Underdeveloped space can look so small, until it is framed in and built out to provide what every home wants more of and what no one has enough of—storage. In this case, Chicagoland Home Products adds a wardrobe cabinet that gives additional opportunity to hang clothing, shelves that provide room to stack and drawers for corralling all the items that require rounding up.

Framing the new storage area with crown molding and base molding makes it look like the architect included it in the original plans. Make it all white with shaker doors and you have a neat, finished addition that provides a variety of usage options.

Chicagoland Home Products also serves up solutions for basements, garages, offices, play rooms and more. In addition to asking, “What can I do with that space,” you may want to see what they can do with your windows with treatments especially designed for you.